Patient EducationTM

Wow patients and parents by sending out prescriptive videos, texts and images through the latest forms of communication.

What we offer

Prescriptive Videos for Patient Education
Expansive Patient and Staff Education Video Library
Digital referral system where videos can be sent from dentist to patient

Educate Patients

Save Time

Grow Your Practice

Increase Social Presence through Prescriptive Videos

Improve Efficiency and Communication with Patients and Parents

Get more reviews by sending videos

Increase Dental Referrals

Content Partners

New Virtual Screening Tools from
Orthodontic Screening

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Braces Academy is rich in content for your patients and simple to implement in your practice.

Our system has many avenues available to you that can help you gain efficiency, maximize marketing and achive more growth than ever before.

Customized Content can help differentiate your practice!