Q: Do you have to purchase the software for each computer in the office?

A: Since the software is web-based, each office receives one user name and password that provides access to every work station (even in multiple office locations).

Q: How does the referral system work?

A: The orthodontist can purchase a DRS (digital referral system) to give to a local dentist(s) from whom he/she wishes to increase referrals. This DRS is a “lite” version of Braces Academy, where videos can be sent from dentist to patient, while sending a digital referral directly to the orthodontist who provided the software.

Q: How is Braces Academy connected to social media?

A: At the end of each instructional video, the patient is given the option to “like” the orthodontist office on Facebook. In addition, there is a library of prepackaged ads to be used as “suggested posts” or paid advertisements on Facebook.

Q: Are videos the only type of media that can be sent via Braces Academy?

A: There is also a place to send text messages as a source of follow-up to parents and/or instruction to patients. These messages can be personalized and pre-loaded so that a text can be sent in just a matter of seconds. Images can also be sent, such as the preloaded pictures identifying proper placement of elastics.

Q: How does this software improve efficiency?

A: Because the videos and text messages can be sent directly to the patient with the click of a button, there is a significant reduction in the instructional time spent at the chair.